Selma 1926

Johan Anker - 6mR - K30

Lancel Classic 2010, Noirmoutier, France                                                    (pictures: Valérie LANATA)

SELMA is a 6-meter classic yacht built in 1926 by Johan Anker

Selma, a 6mR designed by Johan Anker and built at the Anker and Jensen boatyard in 1926, has known several owners. We have recently purchased it from an Englishman who brought her to Morbihan, France. She is now undergoing some restoration work at the Candela boatyard in La Rochelle, France, under the supervision of Bruno Barbara. You will find on this website some information on Selma, as well as some details on the progress of the job.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with comments, ideas, pictures of similar boats you may know, anything that could help us in doing the best possible job in this restoration project.

After the refit...

Original drawings of Selma